Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Favorite iPad Games And The Best iPad Blogging App Ever Made.

It's that time again, where I spotlight particular iPad apps (some work for iPhone too) I like/love. This time we are going to discuss my favorite games and what has (since shortly being released) instantly become my favorite blogging app. Shall we? Oh, and these are in no particular order.

There are other apps out there for blogging, but compared to the new (just came out this month) app Blogsy they all absolutely stink. Blogsy has a bit of a learning curve, but read the directions, watch the online video tutorials, and fiddle with it a bit and you will be set and blogging on your iPad like a pro in no time. This thing makes it incredibly easy to put images, videos, links, and more into your blog, and has a pretty user-friendly interface to boot. It isn't free, at this moment costing $2.99--but that is an absolute steal and I bet they will be charging more as new features come along! Grab this now and thank me later, you'll love this as much as I do if you blog too!

Infinity Blade
Everyone knows this game pretty much. It's the cool sword-fighting, magic-using game where you are going to lose the the final boss a bunch of times and your son will come to avenge you--with you playing as the son--resulting in each play-through you being a bit stronger until you finally win. The game is incredibly pretty, the action is fun, and it has some nice RPG elements. There is a reason this is arguably the most popular game in the App store. You may as well join us and be among the masses who love this game.

You draw a ski path for a skier, you try to hit markers and score points. It seems so simple yet is so addicting and you just can't stop playing. Play it for free at the above link on your computer and then get it for your portable i-device.

Angry Birds
I've already said a lot about this game, and darn if it isn't really hard but really fun.

Cut The Rope HD
You have some candy or something, there is a critter who wants it, and through a complex series of machinations you must get it to him. Madness ensues. Seriously though, this is a fun game and a good time-waster.

Ball Fall Down
There are no points to this game, no winner. You just design a level and watch as balls fall down and around. It's fun and carries no pressure unlike most games.

Rage HD
Probably the best looking game available for your iPad, Rage HD is violent fun, a kind of promotional tool for id software as there will be an actual big Rage game coming out and this is just a fun little on-rails-type shooter. It is still quite fun though. Be warned however, it is a memory hog, clocking in at taking up over a gigabyte of memory space.

Osmos HD
A fun sort of absorbing-game at a microscopic level that can be quite fun and very hard. The soothing music makes a good contrast to the frustratingly hard levels one sometimes encounters.

Real Solitaire Free HD
There is something to be said for the old classics, especially when they are in well-designed games that are completely free because they just have some small ads that aren't particularly distracting. Yup, this makes a great addition to any game library.

Pinball HD
You get three great tables (there is a fourth heavy-metal themed table that costs extra but I don't know how much because I'm not going to pay to listen to Slayer) and can have some great pinball fun. Whether you want to be in the wild west, jungles, or under the sea, you are guaranteed to have a good time. They are all solid fun and this is some good stuff.

Death Rally
The big video-game company Remedy--behind Max Payne 2 and the phenomenal Alan Wake--have done a remake of their classic game Death Rally for the iPad they released March 31st and despite not having a ton of levels, boy is it fun. It has a slight RPG element with you upgrading your vehicles and choosing their weapons, and the driving and shooting is action-packed good fun.

Flight Control HD
Guide planes and helicopters to their designated landing zones. Yeah, it sounds dull, but this game is actually some good fun and very intense. The wide variety of levels will keep you engaged and the difficultly only keeps going up as the time goes on in each of your attempts.

There you go, the best blogging app you'll find for iPad and some great games, enjoy them!

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