Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rant-Reviews--The Least Alike Comics Ever OR Halcyon #4, Tarot #67, and Action Comics #899.

Halcyon #4, Tarot #67, and Action Comics #899. Three different comics with three different publishers, three different tones, and three different quality-levels. Time to examine who rocks and

Halcyon #4
I've enjoyed this series, even if I had trouble figuring out what it was about in the beginning, it has become clear by this issue the question is whether peace and nonviolence are good even if they are achieved through artifical means. Bascially vigilante Sabre (a Batman-ish figure) has solved the mystery of why all hostiliy in the world between people has ceased and now we the reader are brought up to speed on just what the deal is after being utterly confused in the first two issues, getting a general idea in issue #3, and having it all make sense here. If the cliff-hanger to this issue is anything to go by I think we are in for some good action next issue and more philosphizing on how far we are willing to go to achieve peace and at what cost.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Tarot #67
I can't remember if I started getting this series due to a mix-up with my trying to get the Marvel Tarot mini-series, or if I started getting it when I did a project on female sexuality in comic books, or if I just used it then. Whatever the case, I always like reading this comic in a so-bad-its-good sort of way. The thing is, this issue isn't terrible. It has some silly T&A as usual, with a close-up of Raven Hex's behind with her yelling for a bad-guy to, "Kiss her ass," which is so charming, but things aren't that crass. We see some of Skeleton Jack and his wielding of Thor's mighty hammer Mjollnir, Tarot fighting some huge monsters, and Jim Balent as usual turns in some pretty art even if the plot is below-average. This isn't terrible, it just isn't that good. I prefer this series when it is outright insane and over-the-top, but I guess this is okay.
2 out of 5 stars.

Action Comics #899
Paul Cornell's tale of Lex Luthor reaches its sort-of conclusion as the story actually goes into Action Comics #900 even if this is the last part of this particular story-arc technically. This issue is...good. It has a lot of crazy sci-fi stuff, more of Lex Luthor planning ahead of everyone, and it seeming that maybe Luthor really does have the best interest of the Universe at heart--after his own well-being at least. This isn't as amazing as some of the other issues because bits of this are just so confusing with idea after idea being thrown at the reader, but when you throw too many ideas at someone...well, that's a good problem. Sadly Pete Woods doesn't supply the art this issue but will return for #900, which should be quite the crazy-fun issue. Overall I enjoyed this a good amount, I just didn't adore it.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

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