Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Health Is Equal To Being Hit Upside The Head With a Shovel.

Lady, I know how you feel.
 I have a clogged head, I keep coughing up what I assume are my lungs, and I otherwise would be a virus factory if it were not for the fact that this is all merely allergies and I'm not actually contagious--so seriously, you don't need to run away. I feel well enough to go about daily activities and walk and drive about, but if I sit still for too long such as to read a book, comic, or watch a movie I start falling asleep as my body thinks when it isn't at motion that means it is sleepy-time. Therefore, I will try to get something up later today, such as what looks good in the latest Previews, followed by the more-popular what looks terrible on Sunday, but I give no promises. Now to load up on decongestants that don't make me a sleepy zombie and try and be a productive member of society.

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