Thursday, July 20, 2023

Marvel's (Supposedly) Killing Moon Knight

Look, I know how lately Marvel seems to kill a character only for them to come back in a matter of months (Kamala Khan, for example). That said, Marvel has made it clear with the 30th issue of the current, "Moon Knight," series that Marc Spector is going to die! I mean, he has died before and it didn't take, but this time I'm sure its a super-serious big deal. You can't see what my face looked like as I wrote that but I was rolling my eyes.

If we're being sincere, I am bummed the current run is ending as Jed Mackay and Alessandro Cappuccio have done a stellar job. I'd be perfectly happy if shortly after Moon Knight supposedly dies its announced he's returning to life in a relaunched series with the same creative time (that kind of happened recently with, "Daredevil," after all). I guess in a couple weeks or months we'll have an answer about what exactly is next for my favorite super-hero as I frankly doubt he'll be gone for long--I hope he's back soon for sure.

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