Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Television Tuesday: "The Golden Bachelor," is Coming to Screens Soon

I've been honest about how at points in time I've loved watching, "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette," but have fallen off lately as the formula was getting repetitive and dull. Well, the long-in-development version featuring older folks, "The Golden Bachelor," finally has some updates and I might be tempted to check out this shift in the routine for something both at once fresh and (as I'm sure there will be many puns about) older. 71-year-old Gerry Turner is our Golden Bachelor and he's looking for love. He was married for 43 years but lost his wife in 2017 and is ready to find love again. He seems...like a legitimately good guy, which is weird as--usually--this franchise loves people who are a hot mess.

"The Golden Bachelor," will air this Fall, and one wonders if the women (assumably) being a bit older will result in more maturity and actual efforts to have a relationship with Gerry as opposed to just obsessing over, "Winning," him and then breaking-up a couple of months later (this show has a terrible relationship track record). I suppose I am curious enough to give this a chance in the Fall even if I'm mostly burnt-out on the regular franchise. Let's just hope everyone is, and say it with me now if you're a fan of the show, "There for the right reasons."

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