Monday, July 24, 2023

Twitter is Now Going Simply by X Because Elon Musk is Clearly a Madman

I guess Elon Musk can't destroy Twitter if Twitter technically doesn't exist and is now known as, "X." Yes, you heard that right. Musk is continuing his effort to alienate everyone who enjoys the social media site and has transformed Twitter into (a letter and domain he has some nostalgia toward) by getting rid of the blue bird logo and giving us a big black X. I guess we don't even tweet anymore, we just...I dunno, "X stuff out," or something? I've written on multiple occasions about how straight-up bad of a job Musk is doing running Twitter as for every good/cool idea Musk has they're usually followed up by five bad ones. I legitimately wonder how a supposedly very smart man can be this awful at running Twitter/X (not that I'm claiming I'd be that great as the head of a company, but still). It is to the point I almost believe the conspiracy theories I've read arguing Musk is intentionally ruining Twitter as it is a way for the populace to mobilize against those in political or financial positions of power.

For now, you can still access Twitter/X by typing in either within your browser. The app logo is still a bird for me as well. The website is a bunch of X's however, so clearly the fowl's days are numbered. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy using Threads and wonder if this will only help that app further.

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