Monday, July 10, 2023

It's Sad to See Retro Games Basically Vanishing From Existence

A new article by Levi Winslow on Kotaku discusses how a shocking 87% of retro/classic games are essentially vanishing due to a lack of preservation, availability, and so forth. People essentially have to turn to piracy or have a bunch of expensive old gear to have the ability to play old games. Even things that can be played could disappear easily if the online storefront folds. It makes me think of how streaming releases also are suddenly vanishing and how now disc, "Sales," are booming regarding bootlegs of shows and movies as viewing something illegally can sometimes be the only way to see it. 

We need to make sure we preserve shows, movies, games, and so forth. The Library of Congress is great for publications, and you have websites like for lots of stuff online, but one worries about some stuff simply just being gone and only existing as a memory in the future. It would be awful.

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