Friday, July 21, 2023

The Newest, "Blade," Series Has Kicked-Off and is Superb

Friend of the blog, Bryan Edward Hill, has written some great material for the screen as well as comics. I was excited to hear back in March about how he and artist Elena Casagrande would doing a new, "Blade," series. The first issue has been released and it is fantastic. There is the much-needed amount of Blade fighting vampires but other supernatural threats arise as well. At first, I thought the comic was setting itself up for Blade to spend an arc or so protecting someone who is mysteriously magical from danger but that plot point is actually quickly resolved with a gruesome twist I appreciated. 

Hill's way of writing Blade has the casual and almost indifferent tone of someone who has seen a lot of crazy stuff and is borderline exhausted with all the otherworldly threats they face--but still takes them on like a badass. Casagrande's artwork is superb as well, playing with light and darkness in a way where the special UV lights on Blade's car almost make you want to squint as if they were in fact shining upon you. There is also a beautiful kineticism to the scenes of Blade fighting various threats, with a lot of slicing and dicing when Blade enters combat. It's all gorgeous stuff.

The first issue of, "Blade," excels at setting up a new threat and is friendly to new readers who might just know Blade as, "That guy who hunts vampires," or longtime fans who've been thirsting for a new series with our Daywalker hero for years now. Give this a read!

5 out of 5 Stars.

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