Wednesday, July 5, 2023

"Notion," is a Lovely Notetaking Website and App

Readers may recall how last week I discussed that a certain notetaking website/app was going to start charging me double. I stated how I would not stand for such a thing and had been testing other options. Well, I'm pleased to report I've fallen in love with Notion. It is a clean and crisp notetaking app that is quite intuitive and has many easy-to-use features. I mainly jot down thoughts and to-do lists so I don't need a lot of the cool extra stuff, but it is nice to have. Plus, the things I use Notion for make it free! There are paid levels and they are quite inexpensive, but I don't need them yet. I've basically switched totally over to Notion after it made it easy to import my Evernote files and I've canceled my Evernote renewal.

I was surprised when how after I confirmed 3 or so times I wanted to cancel Evernote it offered me a discount so that my price would only go up only a little (under 10 bucks). I'd already transferred everything into Notion at that point and really dig how Notion works so I declined the offer. I figured even if I got that offer this year I would just have to quit Evernote next time I'm due to renew--when I doubt such an offer would occur again. You can learn more about Notion on its website and utilize it on your devices should it appeal to you!

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