Thursday, July 27, 2023

"Baldur's Gate 3," is Looking Like it Might Be Really Fun

I enjoy video-games that don't take a ton of time, but I'll still give the ones that are jam-packed with content a chance if they look really appealing. The more I hear about, "Baldur's Gate 3," the more interested I become. The game is from the folks who made the quite enjoyable, "Divinity: Original Sin 2," among other titles, Larian Studios. It's an epic RPG full of choices, complex characters, intuitive combat, and sounds like it'll be a great time. It isn't getting a physical disc release so I won't be able to rent it and try it out--which worries me in case for some reason I dislike it--but I'm willing to give it a shot if it really is as great as the game seems to be shaping up to be. Many people have played a chunk on the computer as some of the opening hours were in early access, but the whole game finally coming out is what's got me interested.

Years ago I played a bit of the first, "Baldur's Gate." Still, this title apparently stands pretty much alone from the other games with just some fun references to previous entries instead of requiring any previous gameplay. It's getting a lot of positive buzz and releases on PC this August and the Playstation 5 in September; so, I'll be able to see how computer reviews are and then know if I want to dive into this game on my console. Between, "Baldur's Gate 3," and, "Starfield," over on the Xbox, the month of September has some heavy hitters coming out!

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