Saturday, July 22, 2023

"Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong," Sounds Like My Kind of Silly Fun

I am someone who can enjoy stories that are deep, smart, complex, and otherwise complicated. Big and dramatic and serious stuff is important, there is no argument there. However, readers of this blog know that I am also a fan of stuff that is just dumb and silly fun too! With that in mind, I can appreciate that DC will be giving us a comic where the Justice League fights Godzilla and King Kong. Plus there will be special variants where you can press a button and hear a roar? Yes please, obviously! Writer Brian Buccellato, artist Christian Duce, and colorist Luis Guerrero simply just need to give me something bombastic and crazy and I'm sure I'll love all seven issues. 

As this was just officially announced details are scarce beyond how Godzilla and Kong are coming over from alternate dimensions and (one assumes) ready to angrily smash stuff. I’m interested in this without a doubt as a fan of over-the-top stuff. I look forward to the first issue in October!

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