Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Television Tuesday: That, "Twisted Metal," Show Looks Legit Fun

Peacock has been having some quality programming this year. I loved, "Paul T. Goldman," and, "Based on a True Story." Now in July, we've got the new season of, "Love Island," about to start, and later in the month the debut of, "Twisted Metal." A video-game tie-in to a series that basically had no plot and just featured cars with guns blowing up, the show looks legit fun. For such a random program it has a really good cast (Anthony Mackie, Neve Cambell, Thomas Haden Church, and more) and the newest trailer makes it seem incredibly wacky. I'm here for it and plan to tune in.


  1. I need to thank you for writing up 'Paul T Goldman'. Thank you! I never would have checked it out absent your recommendation.

    I haven't had a chance to watch 'BoaTS' but it's been added to my list.

    1. Yes, "Paul T. Goldman," was great and so was, "Based on a True Story." Peacock doesn't get as much press as some streamers but puts out some really good stuff!