Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Be Aware, This July 4th

Stay safe this July 4th! If you are grilling, be sure everything is cooked through. Should you set off fireworks, practice caution. If you're drinking a bunch, don't drive. Should you be a reasonable and caring human being look out for the six members of the Supreme Court who seem eager to disassemble social progress in our Nation via gutting Affirmative Action, making it legal to discriminate against LGBTQ+ folks, and so forth. Last year I wrote about how Independence Day felt a lot less like a celebratory occasion due to Conservatives (such as those on the Supreme Court) wanting to move our Country backward. I still am hopeful for the future of America and believe it can live up to its ideals of being a nation, "With liberty and justice for all." Things just seem extra troubling lately. So yes, be aware of the dangers you might face on July 4th and the rest of the year in our Nation if we don't fight against ignorance, hatred, and the regressive policies that boost them.

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