Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Television Tuesday (a Day Late on Wednesday): "Futurama," is Back Yet Again!

"Futurama," is a show that refuses to stay canceled. Fox killed it but Cartoon Network picked it up in reruns for their Adult Swim block. Then Comedy Central did some direct-to-DVD movies that were retroactively made a season of the show as new individual episodes then were produced. About a decade ago the show as canceled again and that was truly the end of the show. Until now! After a lot of negotiations regarding pay for the original voice cast is back for what is season 11 of, "Futurama," on Hulu. As the Professor would say, "Good news everyone!" because it still feels just like, "Futurama," based on at least the first episode of this new season.

It's been a decade since the last series finale (weird to think there are multiple ones) but the show humorously acknowledges the past while making it clear we're in a new present. Despite being a show about the future, "Futurama," has often included current topics and this episode works in jokes about binging shows on streaming networks, has an NFT jab, and makes a lot of meta jokes regarding the cancelation and bringing back of fan-favorite programs. Don't worry that this is all just jokes about whatever is trending, however, that classic Futurama DNA is present. We've got Bender drinking while cracking jokes as always, Zoidberg is an endearing loser, and Richard Nixon's head is still in a jar and serving as President because why not?

Bender is back and still loves to drink!

If you ever watched and liked any of the on-again-off-again seasons of, "Futurama," you'll enjoy the first episode of this latest iteration. Our own World has changed a lot since the last time there were new, "Futurama," episodes, but the show itself somehow always manages to be reliably funny and familiar even when trying new fresh ideas. Welcome back, "Futurama." Well, welcome back, again.

5 out of 5 stars.

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