Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Zoe Thorogood to Write and Draw a, "Hack/Slash," Comic

I was a huge fan of Zoe Thorogood's graphic novel, "It's Lonely At the Centre of the Earth." I reviewed it for my friends over at Forces of Geek. It was among my favorite comics of 2022, so yeah, I was a fan. She's working on what sounds like a follow-up, "It's Crowded at the Centre of the Earth," and I'm sure that will be fantastic, but what really caught my attention was reading how she'll be writing and illustrating, "Hack/Slash: Back To School," at Image Comics. 

The ever-talented Tim Seely created, "Hack/Slash," years ago and it followed Cassie Hack, a, "Final Girl," of sorts whose whole thing is hunting down supernatural killer characters and putting a stop to them. The comic jumped around publishers but has been at Image for a while now. Apparently, Thorogood is a huge fan of the series and Seely loves her work too, so this collaboration is now occurring. The comic will be set earlier in Cassie's career-of-sorts and an amazing talent such as Thorogood tackling a series I really enjoy just sounds stupendous! The first issue is due in the fittingly spooky month of October and I'll be sure to get myself a copy!

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