Friday, July 14, 2023

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel is Already Coming Back as a Mutant

Marvel revealed back in Mid-May that none other than Kamala Kahn, Ms. Marvel, was going to be killed. She died in a random issue of, "Amazing Spider-Man," and the comic where everyone mourns her literally just came out. I would've predicted we were going to hear news of her coming back before the year was over, but the fictional body wasn't even cold before Marvel revealed, "Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant." Pretty much everyone--myself included in the article discussing her death--was thinking she'd somehow be revealed to be a mutant as the Disney+ show hinted at that instead of using her Inhuman origin from the comics (the less we talk about the Inhumans show, the better).

I'm perfectly happy to have Kamala back as a mutant, but I am annoyed by how big a deal Marvel made out of her death and acted like it was shocking and gonna last somehow when she was dead about as long as it takes me to run to Target for some groceries and back home--without even stopping at the gas station for some lottery tickets. Killing Kamala was already a bad look, bringing her back so fast cheapens the death, and this whole roundabout exercise to say, "She's a mutant," just felt messy. At least the creative team is interesting with the comic being co-written by Sabir Pirzada (a creator on the, "Ms. Marvel," show Disney+ had) and Iman Vellani, the actress who actually plays Kamala. Carlos Gomez and Adam Gorham shall be the artists with Sara Pichelli on covers. Oh, and Jamie McKevlie has done a new costume for her (he did that years ago too). Give it a look:

Clearly, there are a lot of folks who will work hard on this comic. I imagine it will be a fun read too, I just have such a sour taste in my mouth regarding how we got to this point and it reduces my excitement a bit. Hopefully the comic will be so great it makes up for all the annoyances that occurred before its launch. Kamala Khan with the X-Men does at least sound pretty entertaining.

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