Friday, July 14, 2023

"Widow Unleashed," Has a Kickstarter Campaign for Issues 3 and 4

In March of this year, I discussed how friend of the blog, Mike Wolfer, was running a Kickstarter remastering his, "Widow," comics. The first two issues were funded and fulfilled (I loved when mine arrived in the mail) so now he has recently launched a campaign for, "Widow: Unleashed," #3 and #4! If you missed the first campaign you can still grab those issues as a bonus add-on and get the latest colorized, retooled, and otherwise awesome issues of Widow! It's already fully funded as all us fans jumped really quickly at the opportunity to get some more Widow!

I love the mix of horror and sexiness within Widow comics and, "Widow Unleashed," has delivered that wonderfully thanks to Wolfer and his letterer, Natalie Jane. I can't wait to see the success of this Kickstarter and get even more great issues added to my collection! You can find the campaign here and support it too--I'd recommend doing so!

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