Sunday, July 30, 2023

"Exoprimal," is a Weird and Fun Little Game

I've got the Xbox Game Pass so I'm able to dip my toe into games with ease. If I like something I can keep playing it and if I dislike it, I move on with nary a problem. I was intrigued when I saw promotions for, "Exoprimal," as it featured a team of human players fighting against AI dinosaurs and other human players. Then I saw mixed-to-negative reviews. Still, I tried the game out even knowing it maybe wasn't the best, and found myself pleasantly surprised by what I've played so far.

"Exoprimal," is a multiplayer game but between missions will give you little cinema scenes that flesh out a very strange plot. It is a bit of a kitchen sink of a story with time travel, alternate dimensions, self-aware robots forcing wargames for twisted amusement, mech suits, dinosaurs, and you as the silent protagonist surrounded by a zany crew with an assortment of accents. You don't have to pay any attention to the plot, but it is so utterly bonkers I found it a bit endearing. The gameplay itself allows you to wear various suits that let you do all kinds of powers from shooting to punching, shielding allies, healing friends, floating around, summoning helpful dinos, and more. It is a bit like the various characters in games such as, "Overwatch," who are all very different but manage to complement each others' skill sets. You run around, fight dinosaurs and some other players, watch a zany cinema scene, and that's how it goes.

You level up and can tweak certain things or even buy cosmetic upgrades, but the game isn't too annoying with that and thankfully lacks other stuff I'm burnt out on in many other titles (too many games have some form of, "Crafting," these days). This is mostly a straightforward affair of beating up prehistoric creatures and having laid-back fun while you do it. The graphics are perfectly fine without having a, "Wow," factor, the gameplay is simple but engaging (and you can always change your mech suit to alter your style of play if one method gets dull), and while, "Exoprimal," may not win any awards or astound players, it's some chill fun. I haven't played nearly enough to offer what I'd consider a truly detailed review, but from what I have sampled I'd say this is a pleasant 4 out of 5 stars of a game.

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