Friday, July 28, 2023

Funko Friday: A Funko Pop Set Sold For 210,000 Dollars and This Hobby is Getting Kind of Crazy

Funko Pops have some products that are so mass-produced and worthless they end up shredded in an industrial machine and thrown in a landfill because that's cheaper than storing them all in a warehouse. Other Funko Pops are incredibly rare and--in the same manner of limited trading cards--valuable and sought after. Yes, I know, "Value," is relative because if/when this bubble bursts Funko products will be like Beanie Babies (although some of those still have a little monetary worth). That said, a fellow who goes by GrailMonster just took the $100,00 he spent on a limited, "Golden Ticket 2-Pack," a year or so ago and made some cash thanks to pocketing $210,000

The pack features a golden Willy Wonk and Oompa Loompa and maybe 10 or so exist in the World. Fans earned it through a giveaway and now GrailMonster has sold it to a collectible retailer named eVend. They've hinted there might be some big mystery box event where one lucky winner gets this rare Pop set. Yeah, it really is like trading and sports card with the mystery box/pack/gambling aspect, something I wrote about a bit ago. I'm not hating on the, "Value," aspect of the hobby and I still have some of my own Funko Pops I enjoy (I'll buy a new one on a rare occasion still), all my Pops are pretty worthless, however, and I just have them because I think they're fun in the same manner some of my favorite comics are dollar-bin fodder but great reads. This Funko Pop hobby is clearly getting kind of crazy and either is reaching some kind of equilibrium between the valuable and cheap stuff or that aforementioned bubble could burst soon. We shall see.

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