Friday, July 7, 2023

Bad Idea Actually Has a Good Point (For Once) About Digital Comics

Bad Idea is a comic book publisher I mostly quit caring about a while ago. They got so focused on doing strange publicity stunts it managed to drastically overshadow the fact they were putting out some cool comics. Pretending they were going out of business, switching to selling doughnuts, or other nonsense just got old. I and many other folks simply quit caring. Bad Idea has announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their digital edition of, "The Ends," as a, "Pro Edition," and in the press release for it do something I really didn't expect...they make a good point.

As Bleeding Cool discusses with their reproduction of the press document, Bad Idea points out that Amazon ruined digital comics. Many folks recall there was Comixology, Amazon bought it, and then utterly destroyed it. Bad Idea doesn't even delve into all that so much as discussing how digital comics are a pain to read and lack any kind of cool bonus features we were promised might happen much in the same way cool stuff has been done with streaming shows/movies. "We gave up quality for convenience," with a bunch of comics thrown online in a haphazard fashion, Bad Idea points out.

Now, Bad Idea isn't just hating on Amazon and digital comics without a reason. As I said, they're launching a Kickstarter campaign for a deluxe digital version of, 'The Ends: Pro Edition," by David Lapham and Maria Lapham. One would assume this special digital comic will contain things Bad Idea states in their press release comics you read on a device should have, "...access to the artist's original page layouts. The pencils and inks. The writer's original scripts. The editor's notes. Trivia. Easter eggs. Millions of new colors only digital can display. The ability to zoom in on the tiniest details. Deleted scenes. Alternate endings. Additional story. And so, so, so many brand-new digitally native features." Bad Idea has surprised me by making a good point, will they follow through showing what digital comics could be and really shock me by having a good idea for once? I suppose we'll have a better idea once the Kickstarter campaign launches. I'll be watching as Bad Idea has caught my attention again, so hats off for that, at least.

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