Monday, June 7, 2021

Bad Idea Comics is Ending, but is it Really?

Bad Idea Comics is a publisher I have followed with a close eye. They release comics directly to stores with specific rules and their comics have been quite good--although that fact is often overshadowed by the FOMO of how they can be hard to get. That has resulted in them being a huge market on eBay and the like. Has the company itself been successful though? It seemed that way, but suddenly today I and others got a press email stating that at the conclusion of 2021 we would see the end of Bad Idea. I don't buy it.

Bad Idea loves to do weird promotions or otherwise troll people. Much of the internet is convinced this is all a ploy--despite what some creators for the company may claim--and 2022 will see this publisher perhaps, "Relaunching," with a new name or different distribution methodology that is more traditional. Basically, almost everybody is saying stuff like, "Guess we're getting, 'Good Idea Comics,' in 2022, eh?" Even the email says, " we know it," in regards to Bad Idea ending. This isn't a complete death of a publisher as we have seen on many occasions, this is most likely a rebranding. There is a 1% chance the company is actually folding, but I'm pretty sure Bad Idea is doing this to get people talking about it again, and here I and the rest of the web am, doing just that. Well played, Bad Idea, well played.

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