Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I Offer My Support to Al Ewing Who Has Come Out as Bisexual

Al Ewing is one of my current favorite writers. He has been fantastic on a wide range of titles--currently, he is doing a stellar job on, "Immortal Hulk," and getting lots of attention for it, but seek out his, "Ultimates," and, "Mighty Avengers," work and you won't regret that either (among other great reads). As I am always eager to take any opportunity to write about Al Ewing as he is a cool guy I thought I would take the time today to offer my support to him as he just came out as biseuxal. He wrote a blog post discussing his bisexuality and it was reported by some news outlets as well once he wrote about it. Al Ewing continues to be a fantastic writer and I applaud him for feeling comfortable telling us all more about himself.

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