Thursday, June 3, 2021

Give a Listen to, "The Carpenter Rants," Podcast!

Some months ago I started chatting with another parent at Clarkson's preschool during drop-off and pick-up. He wore a ton of cool horror and retro shirts. I also wear funky t-shirts, though mine usually are video-game or comics-related. Since then we've become friends and often discussed movies, comics, and so forth. His name is Doug and he is actually 1/3 of a really neat podcast called, "The Carpenter Rants." It started out as the way for Dough, Caleb, and Kendall to discuss the amazing works of John Carpenter, but after they covered everything they expanded to discussing neat horror works in general. I've listened to some episodes and enjoy the podcast a lot. 

Doug actually gave me a shout-out in the most recent episode where they covered 1988's, "Child's Play," AKA the movie with Chucky. "The Carpenter Rants," can be found on quality podcast platforms including but not limited to Audible, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and so forth. Give it a listen if you enjoy horror movies and/or fun banter.

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