Thursday, June 24, 2021

Marvel is Doing NFTs Now and the Whole Concept Still Confuses Me

I made a post in late April about how NFTs really confuse me. I mentioned how the NFT market was becoming less active in a post full of links earlier this month. Therefore, now that the NFT ship has maybe sailed it, of course, makes sense for big corporations to come in and just muddy things up even more. Marvel is collaborating with a company called VeVe to sell NFTs and other digital goods because NFTs in theory have value (they really do not). 

People will be able to have virtual showrooms, use something called, "Gems," for their buying and selling of NFTs that can be cashed out and it has those virtual reality things so you can make it look like your virtual statue is sitting in your room if you look at on your phone, I guess? It all sounds weird and I continue to have no intention of putting any of my money into NFTs, ever. Good luck and Godspeed to those of you who do.

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