Monday, April 11, 2022

So Much For an Amazing Doughnut with a Free Comic

On April 1st Bad Idea announced they would be at the then-upcoming South Carolina Comic-Con, but as we know they are supposedly no longer a comic-book publisher. They were now selling doughnuts/donuts. They said for $20 you could get an incredible new style of donut and they'd throw in a comic and a fun box. The comic is about a beaver who deals with a cruel corporation or something, but I was curious if the donut was actually going to be good as the press release on April 1st went on and on about the donut. I talked with one of my sources (e.g. some random person I happen to know who bought it), and they told me it was a Krispy Kreme donut. Just a glazed Krispy Kreme donut, not even sprinkles or something clever. The donut was the real April Fool's joke, clearly. 

Bad Idea could've just sold the beaver comic for $20 without making a big deal out of donuts as the comic is already going for dumb money on eBay like other limited Bad Idea items. As I keep saying, Bad Idea puts out good comics and if they'd drop the dumb gimmicks they'd maybe actually get some respect in the comic industry. As it is, they did something stupid and got press for it. I guess in the end they won as here I am talking about them. Even when they lose, they win in some twisted fashion. That's arguably the most impressive thing about Bad Idea at the end of the day.

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