Friday, April 1, 2022

It is April Fool's Day Again, Unfortunately

I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day. If it were people doing harmless funny things as jokes for 24 hours I'd be fine with it. Instead, it seems to be used as an excuse to do horrible, "Pranks," that really upset others. That, or websites post bogus articles as a, "Joke." I swear this day is awful. I promise I will not be pulling any April Fool's Day tricks on anyone and if I see others doing really stupid ones (fake pregnancy announcements, fake deaths, or whatever) I'll give them an earful about it too. 

I may sound like I'm some kind of prickly person against fun, but if you do a cute little prank that's fine. Tell your loved one you're going to get them a candy bar then show up with two and go, "April Fools! I got you two chocolates instead of one!" That's sweet. Don't tell your spouse you've been cheating and then when they start sobbing let them know it was a trick, however (I've actually read about this). Let's just try and get through this day with our sanity intact.

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