Friday, April 15, 2022

Oh Great, People With My Name Complain the Most Online

I love watching News 4 Great Day (formerly Great Day Saint Louis) in the morning. Today, they discussed how the most common name that complains about things online is not Karen as one would suppose. It is actually, David. Yes, my name. That is what has been reported online at least by some tabloidy papers. Apparently, we Davids love to complain online and leave bad reviews for things. Now, I will admit that when I wrote on Yelp back in the day I would at times not leave glowing reviews of everything, but I usually said more good stuff than bad. I also am at times not a fan of stuff here on the blog but calling me a #1 complainer would be a stretch compared to some reviewers. I guess there are just plenty of Davids out there who like to hate on stuff. What can ya do?

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