Sunday, April 17, 2022

Archie Comics is Doing NFTs and Nope, Just Nope!

It was announced that Archie comics (with the help of an agency known as Palm NFT) will be bringing us an Archieverse in the form of NFTs. Folks will be able to buy one of 66,666 tokens for $66.66 each and then will get to play games and contribute story ideas for new Archie horror comics. If your ideas or artwork get chosen you get some royalties and story credit. In other words, people will have the ability to buy the right to pitch Archie comic ideas. It's quite the clever scheme if by clever you mean stupid. Individuals are expected to pay to enter some community with little alternate reality games and to get to try to break into the comic industry--the industry should be paying you, friends, not the other way around. It goes without saying that a lot of Archie fans (young or old) don't like this

This is a shame as Archie has put out some damn good comics in the modern era, with some of the horror ones being fantastic before they were horrifically delayed (to the point I doubt they'll ever actually conclude). We all know NFTs are a scam. The biggest supposed success story from them is a game that is basically digital feudalism and suffered a massive hack of the supposed super-secure currency. It is one big hustle, all of it. Alas, until NFTs come crashing down the grift will continue.

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