Sunday, April 24, 2022

My Two Favorite Foreign Sodas Are Actually Both Owned by Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Corporation makes a lot of products. They have certain sodas you can only (easily) find in other countries. My two favorite, "Foreign," sodas are actually created by Coke and that's just trippy. I am referring to Inca Kola and Thums Up. Now, Inca Kola was originally its own company but due to corporate restructuring and debt, they basically let Coke take over the brand in 1997 besides in the soda's native country of Peru. Thums Up was created by Coke employees the Chauhan brothers and a research team in 1977 and is huge in India. Both drinks are very different yet tasty in their own unique way.

Inca Kola is sweet and fruity, with some thinking it reminds them of a cream soda with a slight hint of lemon. Thums Up tastes a bit like Coke but with a stronger smack of cinnamon and perhaps nutmeg--it is almost a bit spicy. You can find Inca Kola in America in South American specialty stores with Thums Up found in Indian grocery stores. I am, of course, working at drinking less soda overall, but when I get hankering for a carbonated sweet drink these hit the spot. It is just odd that these decidedly, "International," drinks both have a very domestic owner.

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