Monday, April 25, 2022

A Short Thought on Netflix and Their Silly Business Moves

Hey, Netflix. If you're losing customers (and your stock is in trouble) I don't think your responses are the smartest moves. You probably shouldn't start showing ads or cracking down on password sharing because I can think of plenty of people who would just outright cancel Netflix if ads pop up or sharing gets nixed. With so many streaming options out there Netflix is still the biggest dog in the game, but it is no longer the only big dog. Plenty of others are coming for the crown. Don't think investing in games is going to be a surefire way to stay on top either, Netflix. Maybe stop canceling shows people like so quickly, or before they can even give them a chance? You throw so much at all the walls and don't even wait to see what sticks. 

Other streaming services might have less in terms of the sheer amount of stuff, but what is there is nice and curated and enjoyable. Because you're the Netflix you don't have an exact niche like some streaming services that do specific things and do them well, you're all over the place. That's fine too, but asking us to pay more when other services cost a ton less and provide similar quality entertainment is dumb. You're making some silly business moves that are only going to make things quite bad before they possibly get better...or just become even worse. Tread carefully these next few months, Netflix, you don't want to piss everyone off and tank your stock even more.


  1. Please check the first word in the second line of this post. As I am sure you know, "you're" is a contraction of "you are." I think you want to use a different spelling...

  2. Thanks, David. Love, The Crypt Keeper