Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Bad Idea Comics is at it Again, But Do People Care Anymore?

Bad Idea Comics burst onto the scene with lots of press and fanfare for doing odd promotions of their comics that were, well, a bad idea. Stores had to sign up to directly distribute their titles, customers could get pins and redeem them for rewards (some cool, some stupid), and in all the hustle and bustle it was kind of ignored how the comics were actually pretty good. All the weird promotional efforts really overshadowed that. Bad Idea faked its death or something and now is back with a promotion where--only today--customers can blindly preorder a bunch of comics for $120 or so dollars and get a special sticker that can redeem another reward--in a manner like the company did before. The thing is, fewer comic stores are taking part in Bad Idea now and I'm seeing minimal buzz from former fans about the company. Do people care anymore?

All I have is anecdotal evidence, but I spoke with comic stores that worked with Bad Idea and aren't anymore. The overwhelming consensus among these stores was the company left a bad taste in their mouth. Weird rules, forcing them to order a ton of books they got stuck with, and a bunch of extra busywork all made multiple stores I talked to choose to opt out of doing anything with Bad Idea for its latest efforts. I'm seeing a ton less social-media chatter or general acknowledgment of Bad Idea mattering much too. They put a little secret comic in the latest issue of, "Previews," magazine (#408), and it was reported by some websites to the degree folks tried to flip issues of the magazine on eBay, listing it for wild numbers. I'm seeing some issues of the magazine selling for less than it costs to ship them. Perhaps the thrill is gone from Bad Idea? 

I could be wrong about folks losing interest in Bad Idea and this latest round of comics is going to get a ton of hype, but has it ever really been about the comics or more the crazy promotions folks have apparently tired of? I wonder if, in the end, it will turn out Bad Idea Comics was just that, a bad idea for comics. Time will tell.

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