Thursday, September 29, 2022

Happy Meals Marketed Towards Adults Sound Fun! Why Are the Toys So Ugly?

In news that sounds fun, McDonald's is going to have Happy Meals marketed towards adults. They will have more nuggets, larger fries, and a drink. Plus, of course, there will be a special toy. The designer clothing/toy/whatever company known as Cactus Plant Flea Market has produced some toys designed to be both nostalgic and modern, but boy are they ugly.

I get it, sometimes the modern twist on something old is to make it look weird, but just because you can take something and cause it to look ugly that doesn't automatically make it clever or cool--sometimes it is just ugly. What do I know, however? I'm just a cranky 34-year-old and these toys will probably be selling on eBay for triple the cost of an adult Happy Meal in good time. Doesn't make them any less ugly though. I'm still going to buy one for the thrill of a grown-up Happy Meal, even if the toy is going to be gruesome as sin.

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