Thursday, September 15, 2022

Shout Out to Dick Bowser--Inventor of the Gateway Arch Tram--on What Would Have Been His 101st Birthday

I live in the Saint Louis region and often see our famous Gateway Arch. It is basically a rule anytime someone is in the car with me and the Arch is visible I point it out and say, "There's the Arch." I have been up inside the Arch and enjoyed the great view, but to get up there you need to ride a unique elevator of sorts (there are stairs for an emergency but that would be a nightmarish walk). The Arch tram was invented by Dick Bowser and the complex system is quite the marvel of engineering. Bowser's life story and his creation of the tram is a good read and today would have been his 101st birthday (Bowser passed in 2003). I just wanted to give him some props as I would have quite some trouble climbing all those stairs if I wanted to reach the top of the Arch as opposed to enjoying his unique tram.

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