Wednesday, September 14, 2022

"Bad Habit," is a Strange and Catchy Tune

I had some familiarity with Steve Lacy due to his time with the musical group, "The Internet," and their albums some years ago. A skilled guitarist, I hadn't followed his solo work much, but plan to rectify that mistake. You see, a song that one would think is too weird and crazy has become a huge hit--"Bad Habit." It is melodic, minimalist at some points, psychedelic at others, and just good fun. It is a single from his album that came out this year, "Gemini Rights." I've been listening to that LP and it has other great tunes too which are also off-kilter and unique. Here is, "Bad Habit," on the off-chance you have not heard it:

I'd recommend listening to the rest of, "Gemini Rights," too, and exploring Lacy's work with, "The Internet," if you haven't listened to them previously. It is all very enjoyable stuff.

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