Friday, September 30, 2022

Film Friday: Bassam Tariq is No Longer Directing the New, "Blade," Movie and, "Armor Wars," is Becoming a Movie

Two big pieces of Marvel movie news. First there is the, "Blade," movie. Due to begin shooting in a few weeks it has hit a big hurdle as director Bassam Tariq is now formerly the director of the movie. Yeah, he quit. Phrases such as, "Scheduling conflicts," have been used instead of whatever the truth actually is, but we can all wonder if there were arguments over the script, somebody didn't get along, or whatever else it could be. I've seen some rumors about other possible directors taking over now, but nothing concrete has emerged.

There is word yet on if this will delay, "Blade," and his vampire hunting further, but I still look forward to seeing Mahershala Ali in the role and hope everything works out. While, "Blade," has movie trouble, "Armor Wars," is going from being scheduled as a Disney+ show to a feature flick. There has been little explanation for why it is changing from a show to a movie, but there clearly is some reasoning going on. As long as it isn't canceled and we still get to enjoy Don Cheadle's acting I'm happy. Still, all these sudden shifts make one wonder if things aren't as stable and planned out at Disney/Marvel as we are led to believe.

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