Thursday, February 3, 2022

215 Ink Has Relaunched as INVADER and Has a Cool Kickstarter Going On

I've read some stuff from indie publisher 215 Ink before and enjoyed their stuff. Now, however, they have rebranded as INVADER. They still are going to be making cool comics, however, with a new Kickstarter campaign for, "Freaks & Gods: Vol. 2 #1," having recently launched.

The, "Freaks & Gods," series is, "...a love letter to Silver Age comics, blending original creations and stories with public domain characters to revive the forgotten treasures of the comics of yesteryear. Within its pages, you’ll find the familiar footnotes that peppered the pages of our favorite books growing up. But this is no stylistic choice! Every footnote is an actual record of the public domain characters we’ve utilized to bring you Freaks & Gods!" The first volume was a big success so this new volume is being Kickstarted  to continue the story. You can find the campaign here and check it out!

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