Friday, December 3, 2021

Film Friday: We're Getting a 3rd, "Magic Mike," Movie, Ya'll!

Magic Mike will return for a third movie, completing what I and many others always hoped would be a trilogy. Titled, "Magic Mike's Last Dance," it will have the director of the first (and he produced the second, Steven Soderbergh, back directing. It seems it will be coming straight to HBO Max and possibly skipping theaters, so that'll save some scratch too. Channing Tatum and a chunk of the cast are returning. I quite enjoyed the first film and really liked the second, so I am pumped.

Why am I, a cisgender heterosexual male, so excited for a movie about dudes stripping? Well, Soderbergh is incapable of directing a bad movie (pretty much anything he's made I've enjoyed) and the, "Magic Mike," movies are just simply quite good. They are tonally a bit different, but each has a lot of charm. The first one is a bit like a dramatic arthouse flick and the second one is a hilarious buddy road trip movie. Plus, both have some amazing choreography. I like the second a bit more however because--as I mentioned--it is so funny. Also, the sequel has Donald Glover singing, so that's a plus. Details are sparse on what the plot is like and how serious or humorous we should expect things to be, but with Soderbergh involved it is bound to be great!

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