Sunday, December 5, 2021

Oh Dear, the Chicken Tender Shortage is Coming

I've discussed how much I love chicken tenders/fingers on this blog. Back in 2014, they were my food item of the year. I have continued in the time since to still be a big fan of these breaded pieces of heaven. Therefore, you can imagine my concern upon reading that chicken tenders are in increasingly short supply worldwide. Previously, I reported on paper shortages impacting comics. Now, this happens. 

It looks as if it will be increasingly difficult for me to enjoy a platter of chicken tenders while I read a comic (I'm careful not to put my greasy fingers from the tender-touching hand on the comic). In the relative scheme of how awful things can be (and have been at points), this is a minor inconvenience. Still, I and all the other adults who love tenders (as well as the countless children) are a bit annoyed at the thought of no tenders on the menu at our favorite restaurants.

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