Thursday, September 30, 2021

Attention Readers: I Need Your Help so I Can Sell on Whatnot Sooner Rather Than Later!

Asking a Favor

Hello, my dear readers! I'm good to you, aren't I? I always compliment how smart and good-looking you all are, after all. I sometimes do giveaways, I entertain you, all that jazz. Might I ask some of you for a favor? Yes? Wonderful!

You all may recall I wrote previously about enjoying using the Whatnot app. Well, I have the opportunity to sell on it but have been placed on a waitlist as tons of people apply. If I can show I have a strong following I can be approved a bit faster to sell. This would allow me to do weird little live shows where I can sell my cool comics and crack awful jokes in the most awkward manner possible. I have 10 people following me on Whatnot and need 100 or more. This is where you all come in.

"David, get to the point!" I can hear you yelling at your computer/phone. Well, if you don't have Whatnot, I would recommend trying it out. If you do, you can follow these simple steps to assist me in getting approved by following me. Plus, if you do that you'll be alerted when I'm, "Live," and such (if you want) once I am allowed to do shows. Anyways:

Steps to Follow Me on Whatnot

1.Log into your Whatnot app. It should look like the above picture for the most part. Click the search button.

2. In the search box you type, "thenewestrant," and then make sure you click, "Users," to see me.

3. Once you see my handsome mug click on me.

4. Upon going to my profile instead of the, "Share," button I see you will see that you can, "Follow," me. Smash that button down and you'll have done me a solid, dear reader!


Let's get me approved for Whatnot and I can guarantee my shows will be off-kilter and strange along with having cool comics that you'll probably want for great prices as I'm always buying/selling/trading!

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