Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I Recently Discovered the Strangest Cover of, "Trap Queen," Ever and Love it!

Think back to 2015. It was a simpler time. We all were sure Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the election, everyone used Facebook to argue over the color of a dress as opposed to if a pandemic killing millions was, "Real," and the song, "Trap Queen," by Fetty Wap was a monster of a hit. The song was just absurdly catchy and I was a fan even if the lyrics were relatively vapid examples of a man just rapping about a lady he likes to make drugs with when they aren't having sex. Well, in 2021 I discovered a cover from back then that is absolutely weird and amazing. Here's a music video:
Yes, "Trap Queen," has a piano cover by Kurt Hugo Schneider with singing by Josh Levi. These two take the song and make it sound like a gentle and emotional love ballad. Levi sings with such conviction the lyrics suddenly seem like they have a lot deeper meaning (even if they don't) and KHS is just amazing as he plays those keys with fiery determination. This cover came out at the height of popularity for, "Trap Queen," but it took me until 2021 when I was looking for random covers of songs I like to discover KHS and Josh Levi's superb cover. This just goes to show if you have the right music artist you can turn a song into anything. I mean, if, "Gin and Juice," can have a bluegrass version and, "Trap Queen," can be this beautiful ballad then it is only a matter of time until someone makes a punk rock version of Juvenile's hit, "Back that Azz Up." Wait, they did what? Wow.

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