Friday, September 25, 2020

"No Going Back," Graphic Novel Review

 I previously made a post about, "No Going Back," when it first launched its Kickstarter campaign. I observed it looked like a really interesting original graphic novel, clocking in at 201 pages and focused on a town that built a wall to keep out the World when everything fell apart around 16 years ago. I was able to acquire a digital copy from the publisher, Arledge Comics, for the purposes of review and absolutely loved it.

Written by Mike Furth, the protagonist of, "No Going Back," is a young girl named Rebecca. Tired of hearing about how miserable the World is outside her town's wall she wants to explore. Without spoiling too much I will say Rebecca does escape and all kinds of wild adventuring takes place afterward. As much as I enjoyed the story, the art by Anna Wiezczyk is truly astounding. With a bit of a manga influence but also working in some surreal imagery that defies any Nationality, Wieczyk's artwork is amazing. 

The comic is mostly in black-and-white but at times has splashes of red that provide extra emphasis--it goes without saying that blood is red. With Natalie Coope as editor, the book flows well from chapter to chapter and between the great writing and gorgeous artwork, "No Going Back," is an absolute treat of a read. The Kickstarter campaign has a bit over two weeks to go and not too much more funds are needed for it to be fully funded. I greatly encourage you to back it if financially able as once a digital or physical copy is in your tablet/hands you'll love it!

5 out of 5 stars.

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