Monday, September 14, 2020

A Review of "Bloodshot," #8

Let's do a simple good old fashioned review of a comic, I haven't done one for a smidgen, after all! I like the comics that Valiant puts out, but I sometimes fall behind on them. I was reading, "Bloodshot," but it has been a bit since I checked it out. We're into issue #8 of the latest series starring him and when I got a press email showing off a beautiful Clayton Crain cover (as seen above) it caught my attention and made me want to dip into this issue and see how lost I would be or if I could follow along. The good news is I was able to keep up pretty well. The bad news is...well, there isn't any bad news! A recap at the opening of the comic explains how Bloodshot has broken free of the evil group that was controlling him back when I read the series more regularly, but now he's set a whole bunch of other dangerous weapons loose and has to track them down. This leads to the issue I read.

"Bloodshot," #8 has a good chunk of action and intrigue, with it clear some nefarious forces are pulling the strings of all the weaponized people Bloodshot is after whilst he saves some negotiating political groups from one of these old dangers. Tim Seely is the writer, and I'm a fan of his, so I should've known I'd have a good time reading this issue. It had some humor, great action illustrated by artist Marc Laming, and the mysteries that are bubbling up caught my attention too. I was entertained, so I'm pleased. This issue will be for sale this Wednesday, September 16th, so look for that awesome cover in a couple days and then enjoy the stellar issue inside!
5 out of 5 stars.

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