Sunday, July 12, 2020

That Upcoming, "The Batman," Movie Already Has a Spin-Off Show

In news that makes me cautiously optimistic, there are plans in place for an HBO Max spin-off of that upcoming, "The Batman," movie which focuses on the Gotham Police Department. Tentatively titled like the comic that did the same thing some years ago, "Gotham Central," this could be a quality show. It would explore the morally gray areas of cops, police corruption, the sometimes overlooked supporting cast of Batman's universe, and how hard it must be to try and enforce any kind of rules in a city like Gotham. There is one current super-hero related show that does a good job showing the complex relationship between a vigilante and a sometimes-questionable police force--"Black Lightning," but I'd welcome more multi-layered examinations of law enforcement with the trappings of Gotham's rich lore.

Now, if the movie isn't good and bombs this will probably all go down the tubes, but again, I'm cautiously optimistic. Robert Pattinson is a solid actor (despite some folk being sour on him) and Matt Reeves is working on directing the movie and being involved closely with the series too, so clearly, this isn't some loose barely-related tie-in. Plus, if it means we get more of the amazing Jeffery Wright as Commissioner Gordon I'm all for it. Let's hope this all goes well.

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