Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Comic Publisher Dynamite Has Really Stepped In It Now--"It," Being Dumb Controversy

Comicsgate is a hate group known for harassing anyone who isn't a white, straight, male whilst putting out really low-quality comics (or getting such comics funding yet never releasing them). They are afwul and anyone with sense is sure to distance themselves from Comicsgate. Well, for a period of time the publisher Dynamite Entertainment--under the direction of CEO Nick Barruci--seemed to be uncomfortably chummy with certain folk who were Comicsgate-adjacent if one went looking into it (I never did, so I had zero clue). This went from subtle to outright apparent recently as Dynamite promoted a Comicsgate project on their Twitter with an Indiegogo campaign and had a sponsored variant cover for it. Many people were understandably upset and readers, as well as creators, made this displeasure clear.

A number of folk working at Dynamite said they would be leaving once their contract expired, fans said they were done with the company, a lot happened over a weekend. After a lot of chatter, Barruci announced Dynamite wouldn't be doing a variant cover, but said it was because the cover was, "Polarizing." He didn't denounce Comicgate or offer any kind of apology for seeming to be so close with a hate group. It's been messy. Now those who hate Comicsgate are mad at Dynamite and Comicsgate is all pissy that Dynamite has, "Betrayed," it or some dumb B.S. As a result of this, Comicsgate's arguable leader, the horrific Ethan Van Sciver, has said Barruci worked with multiple Comicsgate creators on projects secretly for a good deal of time, basically throwing his former supposed ally under the bus. Is Dynamite Entertainment going to have economic troubles now and/or hemorrhage creators? Will Barruci quit or be ousted? Will Comicsgate ever just finally go away? These are the questions, and we will have to wait and see for answers.

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