Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Time for a Random Post About My Favorite HVAC Company: Advantage Air

There isn't much to report today, so I figured I'd make a post about my favorite HVAC company ever, Advantage Air. No, this is not a paid post. I just felt like expressing how pleased we are with Advantage Air and had nothing else on my mind, so let's talk about it today! Advantage Air helped us when we moved into our new house and had repeated issues with the AC in the Summer due to our unit being old. Then a day before Christmas one year the heat stopped working, they still were able to help us and there was no extra charge for it being the day before that big holiday. When we got a new unit they gave us a great price and we have used them for maintenance since. They always put customer service first, being thoughtful and helpful.

Here's a single example of many when they impressed us: One time the AC wasn't running that great and I called to see if someone could come out. They said they were happy to send a person, but asked if they could save me the cost by having me answer a question about the most common issue--had I changed the air filter lately? I had not, and I felt stupid. I changed it and the house cooled immediately. They didn't want to just take my money, they wanted to make sure I was actually helped and was a satisfied customer, yet another occasion they were amazing. Not that I mind their techs coming out, any employee we have ever worked with is amazing. Back when I did Yelp (before I quit it due to moral concerns with people abusing the site to get free stuff among other issues), I wrote a glowing review of Advantage Air. I quit Yelp years ago, however, so why not brag about Advantage Air here on my blog now?

Should you live in the Saint Louis region, Advantage Air can help you with all your residential (or commercial) HVAC needs. I'm clearly quite a fan of the company, having dedicated a blog post to them, so I'd recommend them for anything you might need assistance with. Again, this was not a paid post and Advantage Air is not even aware I'm writing this post (and will only know about it once I send them an email about how I wrote it). I just felt like giving a shout-out to Advantage Air because I wanted to write about something today and one of their occasional email newsletters they sent recently about what the company has been up to had them on my mind! Check them out, and if you live locally give them a try!

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  1. Thanks David for your kind words.
    What a wonderful review.
    We are happy to help anytime we can.

    Happy 4th of July!