Wednesday, November 16, 2022

"Magic Mike's Last Dance," Has a Trailer!

 I love basically anything Director/Producer/Genius Steven Soderbergh makes. Whether it's a quirky comedy about a corporate informant,  Liberace's life, the eerily-prescient, "Contagion," or the, "Magic Mike," movies, Soderberg makes good stuff. The first, "Magic Mike," is a bit sad and serious, "Magic Mike XXL," is a hilarious road-trip comedy, and now we've got, "Magic Mike's Last Dance,"  which was announced late last year, to complete the trilogy and the trailer has dropped. Have a look:

Whether you enjoy the movie's because you're a woman who loves Channing Tatum/men in general stripping, a man who loves men stripping, or a random person who enjoys great flicks and complex dance routines (I wrote about appreciating Thunder From Down Under before, readers may recall), this should be a damn good time. I do hope we get more of Mike's friends as they are strangely absent in this trailer (although Selma Hayek is awesome). Expect, "Magic Mike's Last Dance," in theaters on February 10th, 2023. Just in time for Valentine's Day, cleverly enough!

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