Sunday, November 6, 2022

"Batman and the Joker: The Deadly Duo," #1 is All Table Setting, but it's Gorgeous

It was back in August when I discussed how even if I found myself feeling a bit tired of Batman-themed comics (especially all the Black Lable imprint ones), seeing that Marc Silvestri was going to write and draw one did get me pretty excited. The, "Hook," as it were when I read descriptions of the comic was that Batman and the Joker have to team up so that a strange new foe who has kidnapped Harley Quinn can be stopped (with Commissioner Gordon in danger too so that Batman is even willing to work with the Joker). The first issue of his series, "Batman and the Joker: The Deadly Duo," has come out and the whole issue basically gets us to the point of the series. Yes, this is all table setting. That said, Silvestri's amazing artwork makes this a beautiful laying of a table.

Silvestri is a stellar artist. His illustration of Batman swooping down in one scene and then fluttering away as if he were a real bat is simply awe-inspiring. The mysterious new baddie who seems to have some Joker DNA yet be a monster all his own is terrifying to witness--lots of teeth and eerie eyes. Even if the entire issue basically just builds us up to the actual point of Batman and Joker being forced to be a team at least the comic is a treat for the eyes while we wait for the plot to go anywhere. The next issue will probably move the story along much more while continuing to be a visual feast, so I look forward to issue #2 eagerly. Decompressed storytelling aside, I just loved seeing Silvestri's work in this gorgeous book, and the bit of story we do get is solid. Therefore, I'd rate this...

4 out of 5 stars.

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