Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Hi-Pointe Drive-In's New Location, A Little Hi, is Tasty and Fun!

I've eaten at one of the Hi-Pointe Drive-In's regular locations before. When I heard they were opening a new location that tweaked the concept a bit, I was intrigued. Called, "A Little Hi," it is in Ballwin (a city here in Saint Louis County) and in a much smaller space, hence the name. The menu is less complex than regular locations, focusing mainly on burgers (including bison or impossible), fries, and shakes. The fancier salads and chicken options are not at A Little Hi. That's perfectly alright, though, as it is still a very fun place with great food!

I went to A Little Hi today with my friend, Doug, and we were very pleased with our meals. I got a bison burger and they did not mind cooking it on a separate/cleaned-off grill than the beef burgers (longtime blog readers know I have a beef allergy). I also enjoyed some deliciously seasoned fries and a sugar cookie milkshake--it was bright pink like those frosted sugar cookies you get at Walmart and scrumptious. The location has a hilariously-altered Big Boy statue out front and the general decor is fun and silly. I'd recommend going to any Hi-Pointe Drive-In if you're able, and if you're around Ballwin A Little Hi definitely fits the bill for a good meal.

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