Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Television Tuesday: "Bachelor in Paradise," is the Trashy Programming I Crave

I love trashy television. I find it to be a spectacular way to unwind. There is little t.v. as trashy as, "Bachelor in Paradise." If the, "Bachelor/Bachelorette," put on airs about being about people finding true love through a game-show format then, "Bachelor in Paradise," is the franchise when it drops any pretense. "Bachelor in Paradise," is the show going, "Let's just take any single fan-favorites or villains and throw them on a beach with encouragement to go at it," and go it they sure do. 

With the whole stress of impressing just that one bachelor/bachelorette gone anyone can couple up with anyone else (the show did finally have a same-sex romance previously, but generally it's all heterosexual couplings) and this leads to tons of hooking-up and immense conflicts. We get to witness everyone making out with each other and then getting mad about it if someone they like gets pawed at by another person. Even the location where people can have sex has a more blunt name. It isn't a, "Fantasy Suite," it is simply the, "Boom Boom Room." It just is like a comforting blanket of audiovisual junk food as all these people we recall from past seasons (and love or hate) get hot-and-heavy or argue with each other.

A rare moment free of anyone kissing or arguing.

This season has been a lot like past ones minus Chris Harrison (because, yeah). Instead, we've been treated to an assortment of guest hosts. David Spade kicked things off, then Lance Bass showed up, and apparently, Lil' Jon is going to be there too, because why not? Everyone's favorite bartender and Sarah Hyland's husband, Wells, is still there though, making drinks and trying not to crack up at how absurd this whole enterprise is. The absence of Harrison has actually shown how little he mattered to this franchise, the real star has always been the drama.

"Bachelor in Paradise," has lately been on Mondays and Tuesdays this season, so I got to enjoy an episode last night and will be tuning in today too. I watch educational things too, but sometimes you just need to give in to your craving for trashy tv, and boy is this a treat.

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