Thursday, August 12, 2021

They Made a Target-Themed Monopoly Game and I Already Bought One

My wife, Samii, and I love Target. It's just a great store to get the stuff you need. The stores are generally clean, well organized, and the employees are almost always friendly. Plus, many of the stores have a Starbucks in them if you need some coffee at the start or conclusion of your shopping trip. Monopoly is not my favorite board game as matches can go a bit long. That said, it can be fun to play if you're in the right mood, and themed versions of it are always a hoot. Hence, I am honored to present, "Monopoly Game: Target Edition." Yes, I have already bought one.

You don't buy property, you fill your cart with items. You also collect Target circle tokens and you can get a red card and earn bonus points--just like in real life! Yes, this is a shameless example of corporate synergy and product placement, but I love it.

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